Products and Services


As a member of the Langevin & Forest Group, Maron Lumber has access to competitive pricing and a variety of complementary products. We offer various products :

  • wood glue
  • veneers
  • finishing
  • products
  • hardware
  • ironworks
  • tools
  • etc.
Bois Maron


We offer the following services on all orders over 150bft.

The planing is a technique use to reduce the thickness of a board with a planer. Our dedicate team offers this service to make sure that your chosen wood pieces are perfect for your project.

Edging means cutting a board lengthwise and crosswise to eliminate defects or knots thereof.

The moulding gives a precise shape wood. It becomes ornament, raised or hollow form of stick, strip, headband, chair rail or baseboard.

Before planing, we remove part of the material to give the piece of wood the desired shape and dimensions.

Maron lumber delivers throughout Quebec
and Ontario .

Thank you for checking with our representatives
for more details on your region.