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Preparing lumber :

  • Let the wood temper a few days in your shop before working it.
  • The kiln dried hardwood is dry when it reaches between 6% to 8 % moisture.
  • Green wood is, when the wood has been sawn and that has not yet been dried.
    You can not laminate the wood when it is green.
Bois Maron
Bois Maron

Measures and dimensions of wood:

  • Planing : action that consist of working a piece of wood so that it is square on all sides.
  • The hardwood is trading mainly by the measurement unit BDF ( Board Foot Measure )
    To calculate the Board Foot of a board, multiply its width in inches by its length in foot and multiply
    its thickness in inches and divide by 12.

Characteristics of timber species:

  • The sapwood : soft area beneath the bark made ​​by the latest annual layers of living wood.
    This part usually has a lighter color than the dumamen ( heart )
  • Grade: is the quality of the wood…
  • Maple, birch and hickory are domestic wood that are very hard
  • The poplar and the basswood are soft wood, that you can paint to make your moldings and/or door frames
  • The Western red cedar is recommended for outdoor ( terraces, sheds , decks , siding , posts, fences ).
Bois Maron